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Hotel Vs. Vacation Rentals: Pros And Cons

April 26, 2017 by calmac

You may be staying in a private, tucked-away village. Or you may be staying a bustling tourist town. Either way choosing your rental in Costa Rica is one of the most important choices you will make for your stay.

It wasn’t very long ago when getting a hotel for a few nights was the standard way to travel. But as the years go on, more and more companies and individuals are making home/apartment vacation rentals an ideal spot for your trip. Here is a run down of the typical pros and cons for staying in a hotel vs. staying in a vacation rental.

Hotel Pros & Cons

Hotels are hands off. You don’t have to make your bed. You don’t have to worry about picking up your towels. You are guaranteed that a receptionist will be there to greet you and check you in. This ease is what has made hotels the king of vacations for so many years.

There is something relaxing and reassuring about entering a freshly done-up hotel room. It’s stately and helps you feel like you have eased into luxury. Not to mention many desirable amenities are also on the property such as gyms, spas, bars, and cafes.

But all of that “hands off” vacationing comes at a price – a steep price – without much space, without much freedom, and with plenty of other guests all sharing your same building.

Vacation Rental Pros & Cons

Sure, home or condo vacation rentals are more hands on, but that can actually be a huge pro. In a vacation rental you can cook your own meals or hire a chef to prepare them for you. The provided free laundry facilities make packing for your trip less exhausting.

With a vacation rental there is more space, more privacy, and more comfort. According to HomeAway, the average vacation rental is 2,000 square feet. The average hotel is only 400 square feet. Two or three couples want to travel together. You can each still have your own bedroom, but you share the common areas.

You can also bring the whole family. Vacation rentals are often kid-friendly in ways hotels aren’t. In a home, you do not have to worry about the toddler crying or the kids jumping in the pool too late at night. You have actual couches, chairs, and dining tables. This allows the family to sit places other than your bed.

Plus staying in a local home helps you feel like a true local. You get to see, hear, and experience things that locals do on a daily basis. And all this comes with the most interesting contradiction = Vacation rentals are often considerably cheaper, and yet they can feel considerably more luxurious at the same time.

Which Is Right For You?

If you haven’t tried a vacation rental for your travels, the time is right to try one today.

If you choose to take advantage of the numerous pros of staying in a vacation rental during your stay in Costa Rica, make sure to reach out to Richard at for more information on booking your perfect spot. Richard can also help you set up with a private chef, babysitter, maid, or any other service provider that will make your stay heaven on earth.

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