Tamarindo hotels or vacation homes? What to think about before you book.

Travel is the buzzword of the summer and the possibilities of getting off the continent are as tangible as rolling grains of sand between your fingers. You can finally close your eyes and transport yourself to a far-flung place.

Before you know it your mind soars off south, flitting like a compass arrow across land and sea. The wind carries you past Mexico and Cuba, Belize and Honduras before gently nose-diving towards a pearly white beach and crescent bay. It’s a place where time is measured in calypso beats and sunsets, palm tree shadows, and pulsing tides. It’s Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

After booking your flights to the land of Pura Vida, you begin your search for a place to stay. What you learn quickly is that Tamarindo is the hub of tourism on Costa Rica’s pacific coast. Tamarindo has dozens of hotels and hundreds of vacation rental options. It’s worth looking at both for they are, and what they aren’t.

We asked Richard Lacey, President of VIP Tamarindo for his advice on choosing between hotel and vacation homes. He adds “A Tamarindo vacation rental feels more like a home away from home. You have your privacy, plenty of common areas, so if you are with a group of friends or family then everyone has their space. If it is a condo then there will be a shared pool, but you are sharing with only a limited number of other condo residents. If it is a house to rent, then it will almost certainly have its own pool. Many Tamarindo homes have a barbecue area so you can have some of your newfound Tico friends over for an afternoon\”.

Yet there are trade-offs to consider and weigh, Richard says “generally there is a check-in process – either you need to pick up the keys from somewhere, or find the property on your own and get into a key box or punch in a code which on occasions takes longer than you would like after a long journey. Though many property managers now send a Google maps locator and have passcode automatic entry”.

If the guarantee of seamless check-ins after a long flight is important to you, you may want to consider a Tamarindo hotel – at least for the 1st night.

Where to stay in Tamarindo: Hotels & Vacation Homes

The first step of any travel plan is no doubt the daydreaming. The second step is probably researching where to stay. So, what’ll it be?  A Tamarindo hotel or vacation home?

Where is Tamarindo, Costa Rica?

Tamarindo is a popular, coastal village rooted in nature and tourism. It’s located on the Pacific side of northern Costa Rica and offers a surprising array of places to stay. Much of the area is dotted with boutique hotels, budget hostels, and even a few resorts.

But, undoubtedly the best way to guarantee comfort, convenience, privacy, and beach views is by checking into a Tamarindo vacation rental. 

Why Choose a Tamarindo Vacation Rental?

Tamarindo Vacation Rental
A Tamarindo vacation home rental may offer you the best of both worlds.

If you’re planning a trip to Tamarindo, odds are you are trying to get away from it all. You’re seeking serenity and that ethereal vibe associated with dreamy, tropical beaches. And a vacation rental will probably best deliver on that need.

Comforts & Conveniences

Why? Because it’s also pivotal that your getaway is rooted in the destination, not a lack of amenities and conveniences. We’re talking about still being able to eat lunch in your bikini and letting your Imperial beer sweat on the countertop. Not worrying about flip flops scattered through the house and the pile of sand on the doorstep. Having enough space so you don’t have to listen to your teenager’s radio in the shower while you’re doing yoga poolside.

Tamarindo Vacation Homes are Budget-Friendly

Budget-Friendly Vacation Home

Plus, you’ll definitely cherish not wondering just how much the hotel’s poolside cabana, five bowls of ceviche, and 15 smoothies in one afternoon will cost you. You don’t want to skimp on the simple luxuries but skipping the added bills would be nice. Richard adds, Vacation rental properties tend to be really good value. You can generally get a 2 bedroom condo for the same price as a Tamarindo hotel room so if you have 4 people then it really makes sense. Even for a couple, it works out to be better value. If you have extended family or friends, then it definitely makes sense to be in a home”.

Basically, you want the comforts of home, with a little Latin American flavor, and a whole new horizon. A vacation rental can be both a family-friendly and budget-friendly accommodation option.

Choosing a Family-friendly Tamarindo Vacation Home

Family-friendly Tamarindo Vacation Home

Now that you’ve picked Costa Rica as your paradise and perhaps narrowed in on a family-friendly vacation home, it’s time to zoom in on a singular oasis. But, how do you pick the best coconut…er..abode in Tamarindo?

Size, Location & Amenities

Size, location, and amenities are typical of what rule the roost. Will your kids love bunking together, do they need a designated hangout space? Are you planning to cook in and how far from the action do you want to be? Think about if you want a pool with a view, your toes in the sand, or maybe even both. Whether you choose a villa, condo, apartment, or private home, you’ll definitely want to look into the best perks for you.

Moments & Memories

Yet, perhaps the most important aspect of choosing where to stay in Tamarindo is thinking about the moments you want to share with your friends and family. In other words, the kind of memories you want to take home with you.

Do you envision grilling fish and pineapple under a palm tree on the patio? Or is it laying in a pool floaty and holding a colada as you watch the sun go down? Maybe it’s falling asleep to the sound of waves and seeing the sea the moment you open your eyes.

Whatever it is, we can help you find it! Just give us a ring at VIP Tamarindo.
If this is your first time in Costa Rica, be sure to watch our video on ‘Tips for first-time visitors’.