Beach Club Goals

Every month we make it our mission to share with you an aspect of Tamarindo which we think offers a little more than the usual. Blue Moon’s hot pick of the month aims to acknowledge local people and their businesses as we continue to support and appreciate our growing community.

This month\’s search led us to a well known establishment located in the beautiful sought after vacation destination, Langosta. A cosmopolitan organization that is, The Langosta Beach Club. Opening in 2008, the Langosta Beach Club is still one of the most popular beach clubs in town!

Langosta Beach Club

Photo by: Toh Gouttenoire/BiDrop.Com

There is so much to talk about, but more than anything we have to mention how much we love the energy of this place. Everyday you can take time to enjoy one of their refreshing cocktails at happy hour, whilst you sit back and relax, soaking up the sun. Located on the beachfront, the sunsets at Langosta Beach Club are truly not to be missed.

This place is romantic, magical, and overwhelmingly picturesque, therefore it is not hard to believe that this is one of the most desirable destinations for couples tying the knot! The guys at the club are always busy with an average of 3 wedding ceremonies a week. However, if weddings aren’t on your mind then do not worry as Langosta Beach Club has it all covered! From daytime events such as spa treatments and water-sport activities, to sunset drinks and live music entertainment in the evening.

You can spend the whole day with your friends and family and not want to leave. Well done guys, you have really nailed it! Spoiling customers daily with your services.

If you are interested in visiting the beach club we can help you get there. We have a number of different transport facilities that we can arrange for you. Alternatively, you can take charge and rent a car, electric bicycle, an ATV or even your very own golf cart! Get in touch as soon as possible and we will help you start your summer vacation 2017!