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Best Overnight Trips From Tamarindo

If you are staying in Tamarindo for a week or two, it is a great idea to get out and explore the country a little bit with overnight trips. And for those living in Tamarindo? Overnight trips make it possible to experience all the vast goodness Costa Rica has to offer.

Here is a list of the 6 best overnight trips from Tamarindo. These are all a little too far to be considered day trips, but a one-night stay gives you plenty of time to enjoy!

1. Arenal/La Fortuna

Arenal or La Fortuna for overnight

The Arenal volcano is a must-see when visiting Costa Rica. Just under four hours away from Tamarindo, staying in nearby La Fortuna is a great way to find lodging in luxurious villas and resorts – many with access to natural hot springs. La Fortuna is the perfect spot to also get some time to see the volcano and the breathtaking greenery that surrounds it. There are other fun adventure activities such as hanging bridges or ATV rides that you can enjoy with an overnight stay.

2. Monteverde

Monteverde for overnight

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Monteverde is referred to as Costa Rica’s “cloud forest.” This often-misty location is home to coffee plantations, beautiful forests, and lots of monkeys. Under 3 ½ hours away from Tamarindo, you can experience the vast biodiversity in Monteverde by visiting various reserves or participating in area tours.

3. Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio for overnight

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Manuel Antonio is arguably the most popular and loved national park area in Costa Rica. It is a full 5-hour drive away from Tamarindo, but if you leave early enough in the morning and do not mind driving back late the next night – you will definitely not be sorry you visited! Popular activities include nature and wildlife tours, zip lining, river rafting, and parasailing.

4. Nicaragua

Nicaragua for overnight

Since the Nicaraguan border is only 2 ½ hours away from Tamarindo, some tour groups will offer a Nicaragua day trip – and the can be a blast! But to fully appreciate the beauties of this other Central American country, staying overnight offers a much fuller experience. With an overnight trip you can experience a variety of areas including San Juan del Sur and Granada. You can experience great local food and get a taste for the culture.

5. San Jose

San Jose for overnight

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The capital city of San Jose brings you into an entirely different perspective of Costa Rica than the beach towns near Tamarindo. You can explore museums, churches, and old architecture in this city of nearly 300,000 people. If you want to observe how ticos (hyperlink article) really live, eat, work, and play – a trip to San Jose can be a wonderful experience. There are many nice bed and breakfasts as well as upscale hotel chains in the area. Try to catch a soccer game while you are there! Keep in mind there is traffic near the city; the ride from Tamarindo could take from 3 ½ to 6 hours.

6. Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa for overnight

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If Tamarindo’s surfing culture is right up your alley, but you are searching for a sleepier day or two, driving about 4 hours away for an overnight trip to Santa Teresa is the perfect idea. You can surf to your heart’s content, take a few yoga classes, and hang out with friendly locals. Without much hustle and bustle, you will soak up an extra dose of Pura Vida.

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