Volunteering In Costa Rica

Volunteering In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a hot spot for volunteerism. For a small country, it is rich in opportunity to lend a hand to the wildlife, environment, and the people of the area. The country as a whole needs a wide variety of volunteer work, but we have also highlighted some opportunities in the Guanacaste region, all within a few hours from Tamarindo.

Wildlife Conservation

Costa Rica turtle

Without a doubt, ample opportunities for service in Costa Rica are through wildlife conservation. As a country with one of the highest rates of biodiversity in the world, Costa Rica is estimated to house over 500,000 species. The country is also home to many endangered species including the leatherback turtle, manatees, and blue macaws among others.

If you are looking for opportunities to volunteer in wildlife conservation near the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica, check out these three organizations focusing on monkeys, turtles, and butterflies.

Environmental Protection

Preserving the immense variety of climates and environments in the small country of Costa Rica depends on help and protection. Especially since agriculture is a primary industry in Costa Rica. Fortunately, a large majority of Costa Rican land is under national reservation or protection. But there is still much work to do.

You can find research-based volunteer programs, partner with organizations that offer environmental management, or volunteer for sustainability projects.

English Lessons

Over 10% of the entire Spanish-speaking Costa Rican population speaks English as well. As a country that values language, volunteering to spend your time helping children and adults learn and/or perfect the English language is a valuable offering.

Quite a few organizations partner with people willing to teach oral and written English including:


Though Costa Rica is one of the wealthiest countries in Central America and considered the 5th highest in human development throughout Latin America, its gross domestic product (GDP) is only ranked 75th in the world. Nearly ¼ of the population lives in poverty. Renovation and construction volunteer work helps build homes, orphanages, and community centers for the country.

If you are interested in volunteering manual labor, look more into these organizations: