CEPIA: Supporting Local Communities

Guanacaste’s CEPIA: Supporting Local Communities

CEPIA, which stands for Culture, Education, and Psychology for Infants and Adolescents, is a nationally accredited non-profit organization in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica.

Since 2005, their aim is “to promote culture, health, sports and education for children and teenagers and their families from poor backgrounds in the communities of Guanacaste, Costa Rica.”

cepia students

As a part of the Tamarindo community in Guanacaste, we are thrilled with the work CEPIA provides and would love to introduce you to everything they do for our area.

To combat the difficulties surrounding poverty, unemployment, school drop out rates, health problems and domestic violence in Guanacaste, CEPIA stands as a beacon of light. Offering real solutions to those who need it the most.

As you will see below, the long list of comprehensive programs offered by CEPIA proves its passion to transform this community.

After School Programs: Weekly classes for kids and teens teaching English, computers, arts, sports, etc.
Psychology and Education: Counseling for victims of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse; workshops on topics such as gender violence and drug addiction.
Training Teenagers Into The Future: High risk youth (pregnant teens, teens in poverty, teens with family issues, teens in prostitution, etc.) receive computer lessons, psychological counseling, and educational support.
Care For Children In Poverty: Help for families in need of food, clothes, furniture, etc.
Trainings For The Communities (Women’s Groups/Micro business): Training for older teens and adults, especially women, to give financial options beyond sexual exploitation.
Scholarships: Funds to cover school expenses and school supplies.
Environment: Teenagers help in the reforestation and cleaning of schools and beaches in their community.
Culture and Community: Movie nights, educational talks, etc.
Library: Lends books to children, teachers, parents, and the general community.
Bilingual Day Care: Day care for parents in poverty who work or study.
Health and Physical Therapy: Therapy for children with physical disabilities.
Legal Orientation: Offers consultations/advice on matters of labor rights, women’s rights, property rights, etc.
Social Business: Joins social companies with the community for shared growth.

CEPIA had humble beginnings in a local home. But their reach has grown tremendously. In summer of 2014, CEPIA built and moved into the Community Center of Guanacaste. To learn more about their history and the incredible facility, check out this short YouTube clip.

CEPIA partners with the government, civil society (other organizations and foundations), as well as volunteers and donors.

If you would like to donate to support the communities in Guanacaste, click their link for donations HERE.

If you are living in the area and would like to volunteer your time to CEPIA (it is also a way to earn college credit!), click their link for volunteering HERE.