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Papaya Con Leche, Por Favor?

VIP Tamarindo\’s hot pick of the month…“Papaya with milk” sounding like it could be a tropical drink, which immediately reminds us of the glorious sun, sea, and happy hour in Tamarindo. Funnily enough, having no correlation with a tropical beverage, (but just as colourful!) Papaya Con Leche, is the name of the most desirable designer swimwear boutique in Guanacaste.

A handmade swimwear store situated opposite the Diria Hotel casino in main town Tamarindo, Papaya Con Leche offers a great selection of custom made bikinis, swimsuits, and beachwear. (Just one of the reasons it has been chosen by us to join Blue Moons hot pick of the month selection!)

First class shopping experience, we were instantly greeted by a member of staff. It was not long before we began to experience a one to one professional styling service guiding us step by step. Every part of the process made us feel great about our bodies and assets. A stress free shopping experience, guaranteed!

shopping experience

The service is second to none, but what really caught our attention was the adorable workshop situated on the second floor of the store. It was a pleasant discovery, as the owner and designer, Kata gave us a tour of her colorful studio, and a sneak peak of her awesome designs for the new collection! (unfortunately, no spoilers today, sorry!)

Designing for over 20 years, Kata and her team use the studio to carefully begin the process to then create and alter the pieces of garments using quality materials. We often hear fashion brands talk about their handmade garments, but here we don’t just hear about it we can see it! The process from start to finish can take hours to complete, but if you have the patience and time you can watch the magic take place!

Hundreds of designs have been created throughout the years, fundraising in numerous fashion shows in aid of various local charities, and countless amount of happy customers walking out of their doors every day…It is fair to say that Papaya Con Leche really have nailed it, and therefore get our vote as the best swimwear store in Tamarindo…Well done girls!!

VIP Tamarindo will continue to support local businesses and shine light on the ones who we believe go the extra mile to enhance the uniqueness of Tamarindo.

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Till next time pura vida!