Tamarindo Feria Farmers Market

Tamarindo Farmers Market & Feria

Saturday mornings are abuzz in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Right off the beach on the southern side of the city, you will find the locals and tourists alike buying produce and local goods at the weekly Tamarindo Farmers Market, the social hub of the community.

vegetables for sale

Next to the beloved local restaurant Nogui’s, rows and rows of tables with white tents are set up each week. These booths are offering a large assortment of great things to buy. Shopping at the farmers market boosts the local economy, supports the local workers and artisans, and encourages community interaction.

You will always find plenty of fresh produce options to cook with all week. From leafy kale and juicy tomatoes to flavorful pineapple and mangoes, you are sure to have the tastiest and cheapest options in the city. You can also find other food essentials like eggs and meat. Special vendors offer treats such as peanut butter, desserts, honey, wine, and even gluten-free goodies as well.

coconut cake for sale

Beyond all the wonderful food you can find, the Tamarindo Farmers Market also highlights artisans. Many booths are set up with locally made jewelry, crafts, clothing, and more. If tourists want to find souvenirs outside of the touristy-shops, the Tamarindo Farmers Market is a great stop.

Referred to as the “feria” (“the fair” in English) by the locals, the Saturday Tamarindo Farmers Market is not only a place to find your groceries for the week ahead or stylish jewelry, but also a place to meet and visit with the community. You will rub shoulders with the men, women, children, and pets of the area while listening to live music and eating some prepared local food from food trucks and vendors.

live band at Tamarindo Market

The Tamarindo Farmers Market is only one of the great events that promote community involvement and the local economy. This is just one of the many reasons why Tamarindo is both a great spot to visit and to live.

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