Chef preparing Cheeses

In Queso Trouble Pray to Cheeses!

Over the years Tamarindo has grown to become a town filled with a variety of great local restaurants, their menus offering a wide range of high quality cuisines from around the world. So, as you can imagine choosing the best dish is a hard enough task especially when they are all so delicious!

To whittle it down Blue Moons team of “foodie experts” decided to search for something everybody loves. Something satisfying, that would get your mouth watering every time. One of the best comfort foods and in our opinion probably the healthiest when it comes to food in this category… It had to be cheese!

Sure enough our search to find you the best cheese platter in Tamarindo didn\’t take long! We found ourselves at a local Italian store only a 5-minute drive from main town Tamarindo, situated in Langosta, called Walter´s Fish and Cheeses. Well known in town, Walter´s Fish and Cheeses are famous for their high quality ingredients ranging from fish, meats, fine Italian wine and of course plenty of tangy cheese to excite your taste buds!

It is there we became acquainted with the head Chef Carlo. He was kind enough to let us participate in learning more about the different stages involved in producing their homemade cheese like Mozzarella. To our surprise there were many steps involved and all just as fascinating.

With a lot of the right measurements, temperature control, arm strength and patience he created a huge bowl of mouthwatering Mozzarella bites right in front of our eyes!

We began to realize that very often we will look past the initial stages of food production and only appreciate the product placed in front of us. This is mostly due to the mass production culture we have become accustomed to. However, occasionally we will come across a business that takes the extra steps to ensure their products are 100% organic and homemade. For that reason, Walters Fish and Cheeses has become Blue Moons hot pick of the week. We will continue to support the amazing skills and effort local businesses put in to make our experience with food extra special.

cheese in tamarindo

Walters Fish and Cheeses in house cheese Factory is worth a visit, but don´t just take our word for it! Why not order a cheese platter and tell us what you think? Remember, not only do they make their own Mozzarella, but offer a delectable selection of daily made soft and hard cheeses all available fresh in store so there is no doubt you will be truly spoilt for choice.

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Article written by Rokhi Mohamedi.