Tamarindo Condo Rental

Why a Tamarindo Condo Rental might be right for you! 

If you’re planning a getaway to Costa Rica and are deciding where to stay in Tamarindo, odds are you are heavily considering booking a condo vacation rental. Booking a Tamarindo condo rental is a popular choice, especially for those seeking affordability, security, location, and a wider array of communal amenities and services.

Luxury Amenities & Experiences in Tamarindo

Many condo rentals in Tamarindo are mini-communities, boasting top-notch amenities comparable to high-end hotels. Such amenities run the gamut from outdoor pools with swim-up bars and private cabanas to hot tubs and saunas, private gardens, BBQ patios, gyms, and underground parking. But the luxury doesn’t stop there and often goes down to the tiniest details. These may include perks like keyless entry, climate control, cable TV, and wireless internet. Or homey touches like fully stocked kitchens and refrigerators, luxury linens, bathroom toiletries, and on-site laundry machines.

And how about experiences? Did you ever expect your vacation activities could also be included in your condo amenities? Things like surfboards, bicycles, beach umbrellas, and lawn chairs can all be included for the duration of your stay. You might even get to use passes, club memberships, or special discounts for tours just because you are staying at an eligible property.

Condo Rentals Offer Affordable Luxury in Tamarindo

The Pool at the Sunrise Condos in Tamarindo
The Pool at the Sunrise Condos in Tamarindo

When compared with the costs of renting a private home or staying in a luxury hotel, the affordability of a vacation rental is astounding. For example, here in Tamarindo, one night at a luxury boutique hotel can cost seven times the price of a VIP Tamarindo rental. And renting a private home rather than a condo could cost at least twice the price.

So, when you sit down and compare coconuts to coconuts, booking a condo might be precisely what allows you to enjoy a luxury stay at a prime location while staying within your budget. And spending less on your stay gives you the freedom to spend more on food, experiences, and souvenirs, ensuring your Costa Rican vacation is well-rounded and perfectly unforgettable.

Enhanced Security & Concierge Services

Another major asset of staying in a condo is the comforts of private and community services that might not be available at a hotel or when renting a private home. When you book with VIP Tamarindo, we ensure you have access to everything you need, no matter how big or small the request. Our services include but are not limited to concierge and transportation, tour booking, private chef service, daily cleaning service, massage treatments, and babysitters.

Coveted Locations

Many condo rental sites in Tamarindo are prized pieces of real estate, perched right on the seashore and within easy access to the conveniences of downtown. What might otherwise be unattainable suddenly becomes effortlessly affordable when you choose a condo rental. Featured properties listed on VIP Tamarindo can be found in the following luxury communities:

  • Sunrise Condos
  • Pacific Park
  • Tamarindo Diria Matapalo
  • Bahia Langosta
  • Langosta Beach Club
  • Las Avellanas Villas
  • Hacienda Pinilla Casa & Villas

Our Top 3 Tamarindo Condo Picks and why we love them!

Bahia Langosta Condo Rental 1

Tamarindo Condo Rental Bahia Langosta 1

Located a short mile from the hustle and bustle of downtown Tamarindo, this 3 bedroom ground level Playa Langosta hideaway is perfect for families and those who want a blend of space, amenities, quiet escape and easy pool access.

Sunrise Condominium Condo Rental 35

Sunrise Condominium Condo Rental

If you have a group of 6-7 people, finding a great value condo that can accommodate everyone (comfortably) can be tricky. Here’s your solution – a 3 bed, 2.5 bathroom Mediterranean style apartment is in the middle of all the action, with a private pool and lots of space to truly unpack and unwind.

Bahia Langosta Condo Rental 32

Tamarindo Condo Rental Bahia Langosta

Sticking with the Bahia Langosta, we’re thrilled to take you a little higher up in the air for ocean views and warm winds. Similarly to Unit 1, this 3-bedroom space has a lofty style all to its own. 

If you could still use a little help narrowing it down? Check out our growing list of Tamarindo condos and apartments, or give us a call today! For events and local updates and other reasons to stay and play in Tamarindo, be sure to check the Swell Dealer.